Heritage Commission

At the March 2015 Annual Town Meeting, the citizens of Center Harbor voted unanimously to establish a Heritage Commission pursuant to RSA 673:1(II), RSA 673:4-a and RSA 674:44-a. It is a volunteer organization, consisting of five (5) members. One member is required to be on the Board of Selectmen. Up to three (3) alternates may be appointed. The Commission has advisory and review authority, as specified in RSA 674:44-b Powers.

The Center Harbor Heritage Commission is appointed by the Town Select Board and charged to:

  • Properly recognize, use and protect resources, both tangible or intangible, primarily man-made that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic, or community significance within their natural, built, or cultural contexts.
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of the Town's cultural assets and resources.
  • Establish an education program based upon the inventory, working with the Planning Board to create and maintain a Heritage section of the Master Plan.
  • Work with the Select Board, the Planning Board, Town departments, the Historical Society, and others to preserve, protect and enhance our historic and cultural resources. This may include obtaining grants, working with private property owners and reviewing development proposals.

Mission Statement

The Center Harbor Heritage Commission, under the umbrella of the Town Select Board, strengthens and stimulates the local economy by recognizing the use and protection of resources and by encouraging the preservation and revival of historic buildings, structures and places. This includes tangible or intangible resources, primarily man-made, that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic or community significance within their natural, built or cultural contexts.

Heritage Fund

In August 2015, the Center Harbor Heritage Fund was established pursuant to RSA 674:44-d Appropriations Authorized. Every monetary donation and all monies appropriated by the Town for the Heritage Commission to carry out its purposes are placed in this Fund. The Fund is non-lapsing and allowed to accumulate from year to year. The Town Treasurer has custody of all monies in the Heritage Fund.  Disbursements must be authorized by a majority vote of the Heritage Commission.

The Heritage Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4:30pm in the Cary Mead Room at the Town Municipal Building.  The public is welcome to attend.