Beatrice Lovering Honor Roll of Donors

Named in honor of the first teacher at the Town House School, the Beatrice Lovering Honor Roll recognizes those who have contributed $100 or more to the Center Harbor Heritage Fund.  These generous donors make it possible to preserve and protect our Town's history and culture for decades to come.  To donate, please click here.

$1,000+ Level
Austin & Leslie Furst
The Common Man Family of Restaurants
The Penny Pitou & Milo Pike Charitable Fund
     of the NH Charitable Foundation
Christopher P. Williams Architects, PLLC

$500+ Level
Lawrence Pangaro
David Reilly
Jane Rice
Royea Signs & Graffix

$100+ Level
Thomas & Susan Amlicke
Kimberly Baker
Bruce Bond
Canoe A Restaurant & Tavern
Stanley & Sandra Condojani
Earl & Eloise Coudert
Nick Csendes
Herbert Pratt Dane
Mehmet Duymazlar
George & Mary Earl
Catherine Erving
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund:  Diane Garfield & Peter Gross
Roland Garland
Paul & Helen George
Allan & Sally Hale
Richard Hanson
Charles & Wendy Harris
EM Heath, Inc.
George & Janet Hooper
John & Linda Hopper
Lamprey & Lamprey Realtors, Inc.
William Marcus Family Charitable Trust
Henry S. Maxfield Real Estate, Inc.
Alan & Lorraine Paul
Mario & Nancy Pisanelli
June Plummer
Mark & Karen Ponton
Brian & Gail Powers
Priscilla Sorlien
Eric & Anne Strapp
George W. Tall IV
Harry & Kathleen Viens
Bernard Volz & Maureen Criasia
Nancy von der Linden

Other Donations from Friends of the Center Harbor Town House
Sandra Burns
Center Harbor Community Development Association
Richard Drenkhahn
Linda Fields
Martha LeRoy
Lee Libbey
Norma Marshall
Lee & Randy Mattson
Johanna Mead
Mary Richardson
Robert Reeves

Nancy Sapack
Ed Sapeta
Palmer & Doris Smith

Harry & Bonnie Tower III
Robin Woodaman
Shirley White