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Excuse me, is this where I renew my dog license?

Mackinaw (Mack) wants to remind you that dog owners must license their dogs by April 30th.  If your dog is not licensed by June 1st, you... more ››

2018 Town Meeting Minutes

Planning Board - Boundary Line Adjustment


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Squam Lakes Watershed Invasive Removal Day

Volunteer with the SLA as we remove terrestrial invasive plants found within the Squam Watershed
Locations:  Ashland, Center Harbor,... more ››

Cecilia Hornkohl and Gabrielle Sanschagrin

Town Meeting's Youngest Residents

Center Harbor Town Meeting was held on March 14th at 7 p.m.   Moderator Charles Hanson asked two of Center Harbor's youngest residents, in... more ››

New Tax Cards

New Tax Cards are now availabe online.  Please visit the GIS/Town Maps/Assessing database link on the home page of the Town Website. 

Center Harbor FINAL Assessment Values

Attached are the FINAL Town of Center Harbor Property Values.   

ISO Public Protection Classification

As of March 1, 2016, the Town's ISO Public Protection Classification will be 04/4Y.  Property owners may want to forward this information... more ››