As president of the Historical Society I am asking for your support of the Society as we go into 2019

 Each year the members of our local Society governing board, and members in general, are getting on in age

and the ability to carry on and do the necessary tasks to support our programs is getting harder each year.

      I have sent out numerous letters, in the past, to ask for new people to become members and to step up and

show their support for the Historical Society. We are a small volunteer historical society who do the best job we can.

      A few years back there was a program to let members become life members for $25. I am sure that those people

believed in the society and wanted to see it carry on. Even though we have a couple dedicated life members active in  

the society, and have given donations and talent in support,  there  are a far greater number that have not helped. I am

asking for your help by becoming an ACTIVE MEMBER by donating your time and talents in support of the Center Harbor

Historical Society. There are openings on the Executive Board as well as on a number of committees. We need your help

in order to identify, inventory, and preserve local history and artifacts and to educate our citizens of their Center Harbor


      Please join now as we go into a busy year with new programs and special events. Look us up on our web

site at  or call  Brendan Laffey at 603-253 -9720 for information on how to join.          Membership for 2019 is $20.00.

You will get a lot for your bucks.


                  Roland Garland, President      603-968-3902