Stephens Landscaping Professionals, LLC

63 Whittier Highway
Moultonborough , NH 03254

Stephens Landscaping was founded by John Stephens in 2007 in his home town of Moultonborough, NH. It all began with a few local mowing accounts and quickly expanded to become more than just mowing.

John began the company’s growth without a bank loan, instead he continuously saved money for one piece of equipment at a time. First he saved his money and bought the first mower, then he saved again and bought the first company trailer. Shortly after came the company truck SL-1.

John ran and operated his business out of his bedroom. He began to store his equipment/tools and other machinery in the back yard .

John’s younger brother, Mark, became the first employee of John’s, helping him mow lawns and take on other landscaping jobs in the area. He really helped out the fall of 2007 when John entered UNH’s Thompson school where he began to study horticultural. After John’s first year he bought the first dump truck from his father. With the new knowledge he learned at school, he began to expand his landscaping services to design and installation on hardscape projects.

Word of mouth was the only form of marketing John had going for him at the time as more of his clients kept giving his name out to their friends, neighbors, and families. With the growing number of projects and accounts the need for employees grew. John began hiring more employees to keep up with the high demand for his services.

With the rapid growth, added employees,  and increased equipment,   Stephens Landscaping needed to have its own facility & office.

They found an office space in downtown Center Harbor on the Daniel Webster Highway which was a great spot to be noticed. However, soon that wasn’t big enough for the expansion the company was experiencing. It became apparent that many different actions and businesses decisions needed to be made.

In 2013 the company moved to 61 Whittier Highway where they could have a bigger office, storage for all their equipment, tools and trucks etc. Mark became a co-owner of the company and became head of the maintenance division. John took on all design and installation inquiries as his division. The company became an LLC and changed its name to Stephens Landscaping Professionals LLC.

The brothers invested in another venture next door to their “shop” at 63 Whittier Highway where they used the prime piece of real estate for their plant, mulch, stone, rock etc. storage.

2014 marks 7 years of Stephens Landscaping Professional Services. The drive and entrepreneurial personalities of John and Mark will only lead way to more possibilities in the future of the company!

“Here we grow again!”