Center Harbor Historical & Cultural Resources Inventory - Working Draft

As part of its charge from the Town Select Board, the Heritage Commission is responsible for maintaining an Inventory of the Town's historic resources and cultural assets, and working with the Planning Board to revise the Historical and Cultural Resources section of the Town Master Plan.

Your comments and suggested additions to, or deletions from, the Inventory are most welcome.  Please email Commission Chairperson Kimberly Baker at  Thank you.

Historical & Cultural Resources Inventory
Working Draft - 2016

The current Inventory (click here) consists of Items #1 - 22.  Suggested additions start with Item # 23.

1.   Leavitt House  (c.1790)
2.   Libby House  (1790-1795)
3.   Bartlett Homestead  (c.1794)
4.   Mead Farm/Joseph Kimball Farm  (c. 1800)
5.   Stone Cider Mill  (c.1800)
6.   Sturtevant Farm  (c.1825)
7.   Charles Pfeifer House  (pre-1865)
8.   Congregational Church  (c.1837)
9.   Coe House, formerly Glencoe (National Register of Historic Places)  (1820)
10.  Sutton Place, formerly Piper House  (1869-1879)
11.  William Sheafe House, also known as Twin Gates/Dybro's House  (1880s)
12.  Caldwell House, formerly Butterfield Cottage  (1884)
13.  Finn Gate House  (1880s)
14.  Gilnockie  (1885)
15.  Center Harbor Village School  (1886)
16.  Bjune House, formerly Irving Simonds House  (1892)
17.  Keewaydin  (1903)
18.  Town House  (1843)
19.  Kona Fountain (National Register of Historic Places)  (1907)
20.  Nichols Memorial Library (National Register of Historic Places)  (1909-1910)
21.  Hearthstone Garage  (1915)
22.  Dearborn Place, also known as Lamprey House  (1867-1872)


23.  Dane House (early 1800s)  (Demolished in 1995)
24.  Kahle House (1837)  (Demolished in 1995)
25.  Dr. Morrill House (c.1860)
26.  Locust Cottege (c.1800)
27.  Page House (1850s)
28.  Raines House (mid-1800s)/Keepsake Quilting Building
29.  Town Municipal Building (1970)
30.  Yikes!, formerly Heath's
31.  Former Lady of Victory Church  (1907)
32.  Brick Boathouse on Town Beach (1923)
33.  Old Grange Building
34.  Longwood Barn (c.1876)
35.  Former Nichols Store/Ferrante Building (1837)
36.  Hillcrest
37.  Former Blacksmith's Shop (on R. Hanson's property)
38.  Small Brick Outbuilding in field at top of Center Harbor Neck Road
39.  Jeffery Moody property, late 19th/early 20th century Waukewan buildings
40.  Sharon O'Donnell property, late 19th/early 20th century Waukewan buildings
41.  Leland Trust property, late 19th/early 20th century Waukewan buildings
42.  Earl Family property, a large early 19th century home with evidence of raised cape-style construction/early 2-story home with attic
43.  Perkins property with expansive view of Lake Waukewan, once a farm with buildings dating to late 19th century
44.  Former Schoolhouse at intersection of Waukewan Road and Piper Hill Road


45.  Waukewan Road “Mosquito Bridge” (Granite abutments date to early 1800s)
46.  Town Pound
47.  Original Stone Walls along Main Street, Coe Hill Road and College Road
48.  Gilnockie Arch
49.  Stone Pillars and Stone Cistern/Silo(?) structure in woods on Center Harbor Neck Road
50.  Possible Cellar Holes on Preston Road, dating back to late 18th/early 19th centuries
51.  NV Mount Washington
52.  Bandstand/Gazebo


53.  Center Harbor Village Historic District (National Register of Historic Places 1983)
54.  Slab City Neighborhood
55.  Town Beach & Waterfront (Both Winnipesaukee and Squam)
56.  Town Cemeteries  (Click here for cemeteries)
57.  Dr. Leonard B. Morrill Park (1952)
58.  Winnipesaukee Flagship Corporation Shipyard
59.  Cooashaukee (Site of On Golden Pond film)
60.  Pineland Camp (1902) Site
61.  Camp Wokondah (1909) Site
62.  Camp Bonheur (1913) Site
63.  Asquam “The Jungle” Camp (1915)
64.  Singing Eagle Camp (1922)
65.  Camp Winnicutt (1927) Site
66.  Belknap College Site (Plaqued)
67.  Site of Sturtevant Pine, High Haith Road (Plaqued)
68.  Site of Whittier Pine


69.  Center Harbor Neck Road (1784? One of the first roads on a map)
70.  The College Road

Cultural Resources

71.  Center Harbor Town Band (1878 to present)
72.  Extensive Trail Network, including Center Harbor Woods and Audubon Society Trails